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Jack Cusumano

Jack Cusumano is an artist and animator with over a decade of experience working in the animation industry in Los Angeles.

He has worked on such shows as Rick and Morty, DuckTales, Final Space, Future Worm, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, Animals (HBO), and Pickle & Peanut.

He also created the original Nickelodeon short, BROATS, as well as original independent animations like Roz Wells + The Vortex and the BROATS web shorts.

With a strong sense of color, he frequently works in Color Design and BG paint, but has performed other roles as well, like BG design, character layout, and even directing. His broad skillset and wide overview of the production process helps with creating his original animated projects, and helps perform roles in a studio setting in a way that thoughtfully considers how they fit in to the overall pipeline.

Jack’s vibrant creative vision, years of experience, and hands on knowledge of the animation pipeline make him an invaluable asset to any production.


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Vibrant vision, industry knowledge & experience